More Photos

At left, a beetwagon takes beets to market driven by James Dalyrmple, Mike's grandfather.

Mike, whose identity is not known, holds Mike's father, William "Bill" McGilvray around 1910.

William "Bill" McGilvray and his brother, Don, sit on horses outside the original Woodrow store around 1918.

Uncle Harry Spence, Claude Bell and hired hands brand cattle on the farm around 1920.

The McGilvray family: From the left is Ben, Mike, Meredith, Dona, Megan and the family dog, Giggles.

Ben barrel races at a draft horse show in Brush, CO.

Mike and friends breaking a colt.

Dona, Ben and Megan take a hay ride . . .
with no hay!

Megan with Lacy and Drummer.

Megan helps get the 4-horse hitch ready at the National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO, 2000.